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Female Travelers

Citrus Sukhumvit 13 Bangkok offers much by way of comfort & security for the average traveller (for a list of in-room facilities, but the information below will be of special interest to the female traveller – be it single, with partner or family.

Essentials for the Female Traveler

  • Room Service
  • Storage Space
  • Bathrobe and Bathroom Slippers
  • Separate shower cubicle with rain shower head and a handheld shower
  • Vanity counter with large wall mirror
  • Hair dryer
  • Extra hangers in the wardrobe
  • Be Confident

    Having confidence will help you to avoid getting taken advantage of. Be sure and don’t easily trust strangers. Although travelling anywhere should be no different for males and females the cultural differences can make it far from the ideal.

  • Stay Alert

    It is good to keep alert and be aware of your belongings and surroundings, especially in crowded places like bus stations and markets; pickpockets love it and most prey on women more than men. Use a money pouch if you can or have your handbag in front of you.
  • Fake Ring

    Men in some countries are very forward and confronting when they notice that you are not officially taken. Do whatever you can to make them think otherwise; pretending to be married will keep some of the weirdoes away!
  • Dress Down

    It’s fun to put on your best to look great, but please consider the location that you are in and the norms as well before choosing your wardrobe. Don’t attract unwanted attention!
  • Avert Attention

    Just like the dressing down; Please avoid being loud in public, wearing expensive jewelry, showing off too much money and flashing around with expensive gadgets. Act normal and be simple.
  • Don’t Over Drink

    One of the easiest ways to bond with locals and other travelers or people is by drinking. But don’t drink too much, overdoing the drinking will expose your vulnerable side. Know your limits and don’t take drinks from strangers. You never know what might be in it!
  • Group Walk

    Try to stick with others especially in the evening, although sometimes it looks weird, but it really helps you in terms of your safety..
  • Keep In The Safe

    Always lock all your valuable things in the safe and also make sure your room door is locked properly.
  • Best Answer To Keep Safe

    When other travelers ask you what you do for a living and you're not sure if they can be trusted, tell them you're a policewoman on holiday. (Source: Evelyn Hannon, Editor Journeywoman)
  • Get A Travel Pouch

    It is always safer to keep your passport and your other important documents in a travel pouch. Place it inside your shirt or at least covered up by your shirt, as unnoticeable as possible. You can keep your money in it as well and just put some in your wallet.
  • Pepper Spray

    A convenient mode of self-defense is pepper spray. Learn how to use the pepper spray and choose your type as it seems there is a wide variety in the market.
  • Carry A Map

    To make sure you are not lost, carry a map with you. It will also prevent you from being cheated by people.
  • Emergency Numbers

    Make a note of emergency telephone numbers you may need: police, fire, your hotel, and the nearest embassy or consulate. You can write it down or save it on your mobile.
  • Carry Money In Various Locations

    You can keep it in your shoes, safety belt, your travel pouch, etc. keep a few bucks in an easy to reach pocket so you can still have enough money if anything happens.
  • Be Alert Whilst In A Taxi

    Taxis can be the best choice to journey with, just be sure to always be careful and get the legal taxis. Stay awake and look around while you are sitting in the taxi, as a foreigner you don’t recognize the places, so if you feel something awkward just stop the taxi and get down. The best is to sit right behind the taxi driver.
  • Know A Few Phrases Of The Language

    Wherever you go, try to note down a few key phrases of local language. It could help get your self out of any sticky situations.
  • Don’t Show Off Your Gadgets

    Although we don’t mean to show off our gadgets, pay attention when taking out your phone or camera, there are always people eyeing stuff like this. Look around before making that call.
  • Get Fit No matter where you are heading to, being fit is the most important thing. Walking around carrying a huge backpack or bags requires a lot of energy. So, start exercising before you head out on the road, it will help to improve your stamina as well as improving the strength of warding off attackers. Supplements will do also; take a vitamin daily to keep fit.

  • Make Friends With Other Female Travelers

    Smaller hotels are great places to find like-minded female travellers to explore new places with. And even when you can't find someone to join up with, there are often ways to associate yourself with others so you'll be less likely to be bothered. In some countries, there are women-only sections in trains and women's waiting rooms at train stations. Sticking close to families on public transportation and in unfamiliar public markets and department stores is another technique some women use.
  • Make Copies of Personal Documents

    Make photocopies of the information page of your passport and keep separate from passport. Have emergency contact numbers for your bank(s) and the number of the consulate or embassy at hand.